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Global Statistics

912 Ohioans have logged 8,485 miles

Buddy Miles

Buddy Miles allow any registered user on to add dependents to their account so that they can log their miles together. This can be a child, family member, pet, etc. 

Buddy Miles will allow you to add dependents to your account so that anyone can complete the Challenge. This makes it possible to participate without having a unique email address or creating a new account for any dependents on

Here are a few ways participants can use this feature:

  • Parents can log miles for their children
  • Teachers can log miles for the students (e.g., physical education classes, Field Day competitions, etc.)
  • Coaches can log miles for their teams
  • Community leaders can log miles for local activity groups and clubs
  • Families can log miles for grandparents and other seniors
  • Pet owners can even log miles for their pets

Once you sign into your account, you'll be able to add and manage your list of Buddies (known on the site as your "Family") and log miles for each Buddy you've added. Here's how to add a Buddy and log Buddy Miles:

1. Find the "Add a Buddy" Button on your home page on the right hand side. 

Screenshot of Add a Buddy button
2. Click the button to expand the option box and begin adding new members to your "Family". You can select between child, pet and other. 
Screenshot - Logging Buddy Miles

After you've added your Buddies, you can log miles for them.

screen shot of buddy mile logging

Additionally, you can find mileage totals for each Buddy in the Activity Log or in the “My Family” section of the homepage. You can edit or delete your Buddies here as well.

Screenshot - My Family Miles

Buddies can unlock Badges, and you can see Badges organized by each Buddy in your Trophy Room. You can review and export an Activity Log for each Buddy as well.

Ohio's state parks and all of its great outdoors offer so many opportunities for spending time with family and friends. The Buddy feature makes it easier for families to explore Ohios trails together. If you have questions, let us know on Twitter or Facebook, or drop us a line – we’d love to hear how you’re completing your #ExploreOhio challenge with your buddies!